Tel Aviv Zombie Walk..

by importantlytrivial

Currently the streets are filled with people of all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities dressed up in the most flamboyant and overwhelming costumes. This is because it is Purim. A Jewish festival where it is notably seen as a good deed to get drunk, dress like an idiot and have the most fun you could possibly have. (if you want to know a little bit about purim, click on this link

I will definitely post more about Purim in a few days time after I attend the infamous Moksha Purim party! But for now, I want to give you a little insight as to the antics that took place the night before purim.

Have you ever heard of a Zombie Walk? I hadn’t up until last week and now I am proud to announce that I took part in the official Tel Aviv Zombie walk 2012 (an organized public gathering of people who dress up in Zombie costumes and parade around a city causing havoc). It was most definitely the weirdest, funniest and craziest thing that I have EVER done and I’m so pleased that I experienced it.

Admittedly, I do get really into dressing up, but this time I think I took it to another level. Not only did I look like a zombie but I looked so scary and terrified little kids on my way to the meeting spot where I met up with two thousands other zombies to wreak havoc down Rothschild Boulevard. Here are a few pictures that I took:


And if you want to really see what went down, check this out: